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    Spring Bonds - A Growing Investment

    Spring Bonds - A Growing Investment

    Spring Bonds are a great way for you to get more for your money, and now they're better than ever - and now you can buy online.

    How it works

    We issue Spring Bonds each Winter for $75 per Bond. On April 1st they mature to their full value of $100 - that's an automatic 25% discount for you.

    You can redeem your Spring Bonds anytime to buy any items that aren't already on sale or promotion.* You can spend part of your Bond and keep the rest for another day, and they never expire, so there's never any pressure to spend your balance.

    **New for 2018**

    We've made a number of improvements to our already popular Spring Bond program.

    To enable our customers to purchase and redeem Bonds in larger amounts much more easily, in addition to our $75 Bond (maturing to $100), we will also offer:

    Silver Bonds

    Purchase price $750 (maturing to $1,000).

    Gold Bonds

    Purchase price $1,875 (maturing to $2,500).

    Online sales

    You can buy your Spring Bonds here, or you can order them over the telephone with a credit card number.

    Of course you can still stop in and buy your Spring Bonds in person in our shop, too.


    2018 Spring Bond sales will END Sunday, March 18th.


    *Spring Bonds cannot be used to purchase Gift Certificates. Other restrictions may apply.

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