Wild Sod

Our wild native sod is sold in 2' x 2' pieces at $7.50/ft sq.

Please ask us for a quote on larger amounts - we can and do find good prices on order for a pallet or more.


Blueberry Sod

Vaccinium Angustfolium - Maine's famous low-bush wild blueberries - an antioxident superfruit with four-season beauty.  Pink-to-white bell-shaped flowers in May, scarlet fall color and red twigs all winter. Full sun, acidic well-drained soil, and it will need maintenance. Don't forget: if you do burn your blueberries, please remember to burn safely.


Blueberry/Bunchberry Wild Sod Mix


Bunchberry Sod

Cornus canadensis - Slowly-spreading variety with whorled, dark green, shiny leaves and 4-point white flowers in spring and summer and wine-red foliage with scarlet berries in autumn that are great in preserves. Partial sun/moderate shade and moist soil.


Christmas Ferns

Polystichum Acrostichoides - Evergreen, leathery green leaves in bouquet-like clusters all year long. Prefer humus-rich, loamy, moist but well-drained organic soil in part to full shade.


Cinnamon Ferns

Osmunda Cinnamomea - Unfurling fronds and stems have a woolly coat in spring. Prefers moist woodlands, bogs, peatlands, thickets, swamps, ditches and stream banks with moderate shade.


Haircap Moss

Polytrichum Commune - The needle-like but soft foliage reminiscent of tiny pine trees. Since moss has no true roots, it obtains all its nutrients from the air and requires only a firm soil bed with adequate shade, acidic soil and moisture.


Hayscented Ferns

Dennstaedtia Punctilobula - A very tough, fast-spreading, spring green, lacy fern that adapts to drier soil in partial sun. Crushed fronds have the scent of fresh hay. Golden fall color. Useful for preventing erosion.


Huckleberry Sod

Gaylussacia Baccata - White-to-pink tubular flowers in spring followed by sweet, black berries and orange-to-crimson autumn color. Thrives in wet, moist or dry soil, partial shade to full sun, and often found in dry areas. Attracts birds and other wildlife.


Interrupted Ferns

Osmunda Claytoniana - A large, robust, leathery deciduous variety. Preferring moderate shade and moist to dry soil.


Maine Wild Mix - Wintergreen, Bunchberry and Laurel


New York Ferns

Thelypteris Noveboracensis - Light and bright yellow-green with a fine lacy texture. Prefers partial sun.


Ostrich Ferns

Matteuccia Struthiopteris - A symmetrical vase-shaped fern with broad, ostrich feather-shaped fronds. Filtered sun to full shade, keep moist and out of direct hot sun.


Pincushion Moss

Leucobryum - An erect, dense, and often rounded variety varying from white- to grayish- or bluish-green. Male plants are dwarfed and grow on or among the leaves of the females. Prefers moist humus, sandy soil, rotting logs (from pines especially), tree bases, hardwood trees, pines and palms, in forests, swamps and bogs.


Reindeer Moss

Cladonia Rangiferina - A light grey, green and white variety that grows everywhere, branching out with bright red reproductive structures. Shade to partial sun.


Rock Ferns

Polypodium Vulgare - An evergreen, single-frond variety that forms a mat. Prefers moist but well-drained soil  in filtered sunlight in all types of soil.


Sheep Laurel

Kalmia angustifolia - A fast-growing shrub (1-3 feet per year) with pink, saucer-shaped flowers and red autumn foliage. Thrives in moist and acidic soil types. Full sun or partial shade.


Sheet Moss

Hypnum - A versatile, low-growing, medium green variety. Thrives in shade, but will also tolerate partial sunlight  but not direct afternoon sun.


Wintergreen Sod

Gaultheria Procumbens - Dense, creeping groundcover spreading by underground stems to form a mat with glossy, oval leaves turn reddish at the onset of cold weather and small flowers followed by long-lasting scarlet berries. Full to partial shade. Moderate growth rate.

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