Water plants

Nothing invites wildlife into your garden like water. Any size will do (just put up a bird bath and see what happens), but having a pond means you can have water plants. In addition to keeping your pond healthy, their foliage and blooms will provide long-lasting enjoyment for you and valuable habitat for the creatures that find them.

In addition to our selection of water plants, we have all the gear you’ll need to keep your pond clean and healthy, including barley straw, pumps and filters of all sizes (and replacement parts) and a variety of treatments. We’ve also got baskets and soil to plant up all those lovely water lilies.

​About: Marginal water plants

These plants grow in moist or wet soil or shallow water at the edge of a pond, with their roots in the soil and most of their foliage above the surface.

About: Floating water plants

These plants rest on the surface of the water with roots that hang down and do not need a pot. They help cut down on algae by using nitrogen and phosphates in the water – which also makes them valuable additions to the compost heap come autumn.


About: Submerged water plants

These plants grow entirely underwater. Many have colorful foliage or flowers that emerge above the water’s surface. Submerged plants help keep water features healthy by removing nutrients from the water and adding oxygen.

About: Water lilies

Zone Tropical varieties 9-11, Hardy varieties 4-11 • Mature size varies widely from miniature to 25' spread

These plants grow with their roots in soil beneath the surface of the water, and their round, flat leaves rest on the water’s surface. Some have flowers that float on the surface, other flowers are held above the surface on stems. Depending on the variety, water lilies may open their blooms in the day or night, and some are heavily scented.

Hardy water lilies like full sun and flower when the water reaches over 65 degrees F. They are hardy in zones 3-11.

Tropical water lilies like sun and flower when water temperature reaches over 72 degrees F. They are hardy in zones 10 and 11, but will grow as long as the temperature is over 80 degrees F.

Size matters for water lilies, so here’s a guide to help you choose:

  • Container gardens are 1-3’ wide
  • Small ponds are 3-6’ wide
  • Medium ponds are 6-10’ wide
  • Large ponds are more than 10’ wide

Earth-bottomed ponds can be any width, but are usually at least 3’ deep.

We carry a variety of water lilies from which to choose in season.

About: Water lily-like water plants

These plants grow like water lilies but are a different type of plant. Some, like water hawthorn, are very hardy and may even be dormant in hot weather, so are great for extending the season in your water feature. These plants also work well in containers for water gardeners with less space.

Floating - Water hyacynth

Zone 9-11 • Mature Height to 1'

Water hyacinth is a free-floating plant with round, spongy, shiny green foliage that floats on the surface of the water with its roots hanging down, so it does not need a pot. It produces lavender flowers. Superb for cleaning your water, it helps cut down on algae by using nitrogen and phosphates in the water – which also makes it a valuable additions to the compost heap come autumn (water hyacinth is native to warmer climates and now common in Southern states, but treat it as an annual in our colder climate). Does well in containers and prefers sun to part shade.


Marginal - Baby Tut

Zone 9-11 • Mature 18-24"

Cyperus involucratus - A tiny version of the taller umbrella plant.


Marginal - Dwarf papyrus

Mature 18-24"

Cyperus isocladus 'Nile Princess' - A smaller papyrus that will tolerate lower light levels.


Marginal - Umbrella Sedge Cyperus

Zone 8-11 • Mature 4-5' tall

Cyperus involucratus - Blades arranged like umbrella ribs on 3" stems.


Submerged - Water hornwort

Mature 1-1.5" wide fronds x 24" long

Ceratophyllum demersum - A feathery, fern-like plant that helps oxygenate and clarify water.

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