Trees - Shade


Beech - American

Zone 3 • Mature 50-80’ tall x 40-80’ wide

Fagus grandiflora - This variety has slick, tight, gray bark and thick roots.

Beech - Purple Fountain

Zone 4-7 • Mature 25' high x 15' wide

Fagus sylvatica - Rich purple, glossy, rounded leaves cloak the cascading branches of this fine specimen tree. Creates a handsome, narrow silhouette with it's strong upright form, and because it is much slower growing than typical beech, it needs no pruning to maintain its graceful shape.

Beech - Rivers Purple European

Zone 4 • Mature 50-60' tall x 30-45’ wide

Fagus sylvatica ‘Riversii' - A dense, compact, symmetrical variety with purple leaves in spring that bronze in late summer. Needs room to grow.


Beech - Tricolor

Zone 4 • Mature 30-40' tall x 30' wide

Fagus sylvatica - Striking purple foliage with irregular pinkish-white and rose borders. Not recommended for hot, dry areas.


Birch - Heritage River

Zone 4 • Mature 35-40’ tall x 30-35’ wide

Betula nigra - A round variety with thick, dark green foliage and exfoliating bark with a pink tinge. Very tolerant of wetter conditions.


Birch - Paper

Zone 2 • Mature 35-40' tall x 30’ wide

Betula papyrifera - A very hardy with reddish-brown young stems that mature to chalk-white.


Birch - Summer Cascade River

Zone 4 • Mature 25; tall x 12’ wide

Betula nigra - A very fast-growing variety with exfoliating bark and yellow autumn foliage. Very tolerant of difficult sites.


Black Gum or Tupelo

Zone 4 • Mature 30-50' tall x 20-40’ wide

Nyssa sylvatica - A adaptable, native variety with deep green foliage that changes to burgundy, red, orange and yellow in autumn. Performs well in poorly-drained and heavy soils.


Catalpa - Northern

Zone 4 • Mature 50-60' tall x 35-40’ wide

Catalpa speciosa - A fast-growing, upright, oval variety with gnarled limbs, large, heart-shaped, green leaves that turn yellow in autumn and tube-like white flowers in June followed by long, persistant pods.

Dogwood - Pagoda

Zone 3-7 • Mature 25' High x 32' wide

Cornus alternifolia - A  with oval green foliage that turns reddish-purple in Autumn and small, fragrant, flat, yellowish-white flowers in late Spring that mature to bluish-black fruits on red stalks.

Dogwood - Weeping

Zone 5 • Mature 8' high x 10' wide

Cornus kousa 'Pendula' - A variety with cream, star-like flowers in Spring and burgundy foliage in Autumn.

Elm - Accolade

Zone 4 • Mature 60' tall x 40’ wide

Ulmus x (Poss x two varieties of  Ulmus davidiana var. japonica or Ulmus davidiana var. japonica x Ulmus wilsoniana) - An arching, vase-shaped variety.


Ginkgo- Autumn Gold

Zone 3 • Mature 40-50' tall x 25-30’ wide

Ginkgo biloba - A slow-growing, symmetrical, upright, male, non-fruiting variety that broadens with age with fan-shaped foliage that turns golden yellow in fall. Its symmetrical upright branching form becomes broad with age. Full sun.


Golden rain tree

Zone 5 • Mature 20-40’ tall x 15-35’ wide

Koelreuteria paniculata - A fast-growing, rounded variety with furrowed bark and lacy compound leaves that turn yellow before falling and large clusters of yellow flowers in autumn followed by red-purple seed pods.


Horse chestnut - Fort McNair

Zone 4 • Mature 30-40' tall x 30’ wide

Aesculus x carnea - A very hardy variety with large red flowers in mid-May.

Ironwood - Persian

Zone 4-8 • Mature 40' high x 3-' wide

Parrotia persica 'Vanessa' - A small variety with exfoliating bark and oval-to-oblong foliage that emerge reddish-purple in Spring and mature to medium to dark green then change to yellow, orange and red in Autumn. Bark of mature trees exfoliates to show green, white or tan patches beneath and provides good winter interest.


Katsura Tree

Zone 4 • Mature 40-60' tall x 20-30’ wide

Cercidiphyllum japonicum - A rounded understory tree tiny reddish blooms in spring along and round-oval leaves that are reddish-purple when young and mature to blue-green in summer and gold, orange and red in autumn that are said to smell of cinnamon caramel apples when they dry and fall. Protected from strong winds and hot afternoon sun.


Linden - Greenspire

Zone 4 • Mature 40-50' tall x 15-25’ wide

Tilia cordata - A hardy, variety that is pyramidal when young and rounded in maturity with furrowed bark, fragrant flowers in mid-summer and shiny, bright green foliage in summer that turns yellow in autumn. Tolerant of air pollution.


Magnolia - Cucumber tree

Zone 4 • Mature 50-60' tall x 50-60’ wide

Magnolia acuminata - Often single-stemmed with large, dark green, leaves and slightly fragrant, greenish-yellow flowers that bloom in May to early June on more mature specimens followed by pinkish fruit that follows in late summer.

Maple - Autumn Blaze

Zone 4 • Mature 50-60' tall x 40’ wide

Acer x freemanii - An extremely fast-growing variety, tolerant, dense, oval variety with brilliant red foliage in autumn.

Maple - Bailey Compact

Zone 3-7 • Mature 9' high x 8' wide

Acer ginnala - A finely-branched, variety of Amur maple with fragrant flowers and good Autumn color.

Maple - Bloodgood

Zone 5-8 • Mature 20' high x 20' wide

Acer palmatum - A small, rounded with purplish-red flowers in spring and deep reddish-purple foliage foliage that matures to crimson in Autumn.

Maple - Coonara Pygmy

Zone 6-9 • Mature 6' high x 4' wide

Acer palmatum - A dense, dwarf variety with pale pink and green foliage that matures to green in Summer and move to bright orange, yellow and red in Autumn.

Maple - Crimson King

Zone 4 • Mature 50' tall x 50’ wide

Acer platanoides - A hardy, pest-resistant, symmetrical variety with a rounded head of crimson foliage.

Maple - Ever Red

Zone 5-8 • Mature 10' high x 10' wide

Acer palmatum - A dwarf, weeping variety with very finely-cut lacey foliage that emerges crimson and matures to deep burgundy until it changes to bright red-orange in Autumn.


Maple - Fall Fiesta Sugar

Zone 3 • Mature 50' tall x 30’ wide

Acer saccharum - A full, symmetrical, quick-growing, insect-resistant variety with glossy, deep green foliage that turns orange and red in autumn. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil with a slight acidity. Easy to transplant.

Maple - Flame

Zone 2-8 • Mature 20' high x 20' wide

Acer tataricum subsp. ginnala - A small, upright variety with a dense, rounded crown and broad, oval, medium-green leaves that turn bright red in Autumn.

Maple - Golden Full Moon

Zone 5-7 • Mature 12' high x 8' wide

Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum' or 'Autumn Moon' - A variety with a low canopy of foliage that emerges gold-orange and mature to lime green with hints of pink, orange and chartrueuse throughout the season until the leaves mature to gold and red in Autumn. 


Maple - Green Mountain Sugar

Zone 4 • Mature 50-75' tall x 35-40’ wide

Acer saccharum - A heat-tolerant variety with The thick, dark, waxy foliage.

Maple - Japanese Green

Zone 5-8 • Mature 25' high x 25' wide

Acer palmatum - A small, crown-shaped variety with deeply lobed, light green leaves and yellow, purple and bronze Autumn color.

Maple - Lion's Head

Zone 6-8 • Mature 15' high x 12' wide

Acer palmatum 'Shishigashira' - An upright, compact, slow-growing variety with crinkled, bright green foliage in tufts along the stems that matures to gold and crimson in Autumn.

Maple - Paperbark

Zone 4-8 • Mature 30' high x 25' wide

Acer griseum - An oval variety with exfoliating copper-to-red-brown outer bark over rose-brown inner bark and green foliage with blue-gray-green undersides that changes to orange and red in Autumn.


Maple - Princeton Gold Norway

Zone 5 • Mature 45’ tall x 40’ wide

Acer platanoides - A tough variety with lemon-yellow flowers in spring followed by lobed, bright, golden-yellow foliage Protect bark from sunscald when young.

Maple - Red Dragon

Zone 5-8 • Mature 8' high x 8' wide

Acer palmatum var. dissectum - A compact, slow-growing variety with bright red foliage in Spring that mature to burgundy in Summer and crimson in Autumn.

Maple - Red Select

Zone 5-9 • Mature 10' high x 15' wide

Acer palmatum - An upright, broadly-rounded, cascading variety lacey foliage that emerges light red in Spring, matures to deep red-purple in Summer and finally turns crimson red in Autumn.

Maple - Red Sunset

Zone 4 • Mature 50’ tall x 30-40’ wide

Acer rubrum - A dense, upright variety with bright red foliage in autumn.


Maple - Redpointe

Zone 5 • Mature 40' high x 30' wide

Acer rubrum - An upright, pyramidal variety with deeply-lobed, deep green foliage that turns brilliant red in the Autumn.


Maple - Royal Red

Zone 4 • Mature 25-30' tall x 25’ wide

Acer platanoides - A straight, sturdy, disease-resistant, symmetrical variety with large, glossy, dark red foliage.

Maple - Skeeter's Broom

Zone 5-9 • Mature 10' high x 6' wide

Acer palmatum - A very vigorous, upright variety with bright red Spring foliage foliage that matures to dark red/burgundy in Summer then bright scarlet in Autumn


Maple - Sugar

Zone 3 • Mature 50-75’ tall x 50’ wide

Acer saccharum - A largest, fine, hardy, native variety with rich yellow, orange and red autumn foliage. Prefers rich. well drained soil.

Maple - Summer Gold

Zone 6-8 • Mature 15' high x 12' wide

Acer palmatum - An upright, rounded variety with orange-yellow-green Spring foliage that matures to gold in Summer.


Maple - Sun Valley Red

Zone 4 • Mature 40' tall x 35’ wide

A. rubrum ‘Red Sunset’ x A. rubrum ‘Autumn Flame’ - A male, upright variety with reddish flowers in early spring and medium green foliage that turns bright red in autumn.

Maple - Tamukeyama

Zone 5-8 • Mature 8' high x 12' wide

Acer palmatum var. dissectum - A mounding laceleaf variety with purple-red foliage that brighten in Autumn.


Maple - Variegated Norway

Zone 4 • Mature 50-60’ tall x 40-50’ wide

Acer platanoides - A dense, straight variety with white-edged green foliage.

Maple - Waterfall

Zone 5-9 • Mature 10' high x 12' wide

Acer palmatum - A weeping variety cultivar with lacey, dark green foliage that matures to golden with streaks of red and orange in Autumn.

Oak - Northern Red

Zone 3 • Mature 50-60' tall x 70-80’ wide

Quercus Rubra - A rounded variety with massive branches low to the ground and  foliage with a reddish tinge that changes to yellow-brown, russet and bright red in autumn. Produces acorns and commercially valuable wood. Moderate water requirements and moderate tolerance to salt and alkali soils.


Oak - Pin

Zone 4 • Mature 60-75’ tall x 40’ wide

Quercus palustris (also called Swamp Oak, Water Oak, and Swamp Spanish Oak) - A fast-growing, variety found on bottom lands or moist uplands, often on poorly drained clay soils. Wood is hard and heavy. Transplants well and tolerant of many environmental stresses.


Willow - Niobe Weeping

Zone 2 • Mature 50-70’ tall x 70’ wide

Salix alba ‘Tristis' - A very hardy variety with golden-yellow twigs on pendulous branches, whitish flowers in spring and long skinny leaves that turn yellow in autumn.

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