Certified Organic Seedlings

Welcome to 2019

We're sprucing up our organic greenhouse and getting it all nice and clean to start your seedlings.

It's an exciting time of year. Below you'll find a list of the varieties we'll be offering this year.

Our grower

Claudette Nadeau, a MOFGA certified grower for 15 years, has been raising organic seedlings for Plants Unlimited for over a decade. Claudette is now growing right here in our greenhouse.

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA)

MOGFA has been certifying organic farmers since 1972 and is one of the country’s oldest certification programs. MOFGA Certification Services LLC was formed by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association in 2002 in order to provide USDA-accredited organic certification services to Maine farmers and food processors.

Help and advice

We want to help get your vegetables off to the best start.

Claudette carefully selects varieties that will thrive here in Maine, so you don't need to worry about zones, only the particular circumstances of your own garden.

Click here for answers to commonly asked questions, like understanding determinate and indeterminate tomatoes and how F1 hybrids are different from open pollinated varieties.


ARTICHOKE - Imperial Star

Produces well-developed artichokes the first year from seed on 1.5-3' tall plants with an open growth habit. Each typically produces 1-2 primary buds, which average 3-4" in diameter, and 5-7 smaller secondary buds.


Bean - Fortex

(60 days) Open pollinated. A vigorous, early, long-bearing, very productive variety producing extra-long, dark green, firm pods with a sweet, nutty flavor.


Bean - Scarlet Runner

(45-55 days) Beans grow on rapid climbers from edible scarlet flowers. Keep pods picked for continuous bloom. A hummingbird favorite.


BROCCOLI - Arcadia

A rugged, vigorous broccoli with mid-late maturity. Big plants with heavy, very firm, dark green, domed heads with a unique frosted appearance. Tolerant of cold stress. Excellent side-shoot production.


BROCCOLI - Green King

(85 days) F-1 hybrid. Exceptional tenderness and consistent yield from vigorous plants bearing high-quality, thick, blue-green 8" domed heads. Stands heat well.


BROCCOLI - Piracicaba

Compact main stalk with a loose habit that yields an abundance of sweet florets. Be careful not to overcook.


BROCCOLI - Purple Peacock Gene Pool

(92 days) Open-pollinated. A gourmet variety with wavy, deep-cut purple leaves and a sweet flavor.



Dependable and productive, with uniform, good-looking, solid, medium-sized sprouts of good quality. Disease resistant and consistent.


Brussels sprout - Gustus

(99 days) An F-1 hybrid with very dense, sweet, medium-sized, uniform sprouts.


CABBAGE - Golden Acre

A sweet, tender and uniform early Summer variety with ball-shaped, 3-5 pound, tight, solid grey-green heads.


Cabbage - Melissa

(85 days) A vigorous, wet-tolerant savoy variety with 2-4 pound flattened heads that improve in flavor with colder weather.


CABBAGE - Pac Choi

Also known as bok choy or Chinese white cabbage. Best grown in cooler Spring or Autumn seasons. Eaten cooked or raw.


CABBAGE - Ruby Perfection

Medium-sized, uniform, dense heads with good field holding ability. Matures for late summer crops or fall harvest for medium-term storage. Resistant to thrips.


Cabbage - Storage #4

(80 days) F-1 hybrid A dark green variety with crisp, 4–8 pound heads that store well.



Deeply-cut silver-green foliage on a 5’ tall plant. Produces ornamental thistle-like flowers and edible young leaves and stems that taste like artichoke.



A compact, tender, buttery, fine-textured variety with wrapper leaves extend upward to protect the tense, domed heads, which usually mature together over about one week.


CELERIAC - Brilliant

This pale green, edible, long-storing root keeps up to 3 months, earning it a place in the well-stocked larder.


CELERY - Alfina Cutting

(60 days) Open-pollinated. Sturdy dark green foliage has rich aroma and taste, regenerates quickly after cutting. With the same flavor as conventional celery, it is easier to grow and hardier. Both stems and leaves can be used fresh or dried. Grows up to 30".


CELERY - Tango

(85 days) Crunchy, sweet stalks growing from exceptionally vigorous, robust plants.


Celery - Utah

Slow-growing, thick, crisp, medium-dark green, crisp, stringless 12" stalks from plants 24-30" tall in total.


CHARD - Bright Lights

A lightly savoyed, mild variety with green or bronze leaves on bright stems of yellow, pink, orange, purple, red, or white.


Chard - Ruby/Rhubarb Red

Savoyed leaves with ruby-coloured stems and veins that color early.


CUCUMBER - Marketmore 76

Long, slender, dark green, slender slicing cucumbers 8-9" long and uniformly dark green even under weather stress. Begins bearing late, but picks for a relatively long time. Intermediate resistance to cucumber mosaic virus, downy mildew, and powdery mildew.


Cucumber - Suhyo Long

(61 days) An open-pollinated variety with a sweet, mild flavor and fruit that will curl if unsupported.


Edible flowers

Edible blossoms bring a splash of color to your salads and more. This year we will be growing:
Cleome (Queen)
Marigold (Lemon Gem, Tangerine Gem)
Milk thistle
Nasturium (climbing)
Verbena bonariensis
Viola (Johnny Jump Up)
Zinnia (Pumilla, State Fair Mix)


Eggplant - Black King

75 days. Uniform, large, oval-shaped fruit with vivid dark skin grow on robust, semi-upright plants.


Eggplant - Rosa Bianca

(73 days) Pink and white heirloom variety with round, ribbed fruits 4-6" long by 5-7" diameter and a green calyx.


Eggplant - Swallow

(51 days) An easy-to-grow Asian variety with 7", deep violet fruits with a meaty bite without being bitter or tough.


ENDIVE - Tres Fine

(30 days baby, 50 days mature) A quick-growing miniature French frisée variety with crisp, delicately-flavored, finely-cut leavesTie the heads closed one week before harvest to blanch the center to a creamy white color.



This year we'll be growing:
Basil (Mammoth, Midnight Purple, Mrs. Burns' Lemon, Sacred Tulsi and Thai)
German thyme
Greek oregano
Lemon balm
Parsley (both curly and flat)
Winter savory


KALE - Beedy's Camden

Back in the 1980′s Beedy Parker noticed a kale that was overwintering in her Camden, Maine garden. She propagated it and made seeds available to other gardeners. Likely a relative of a Siberian kale, Beedy’s selection has silvery, frilly leaves and a sweet taste. Super hardy.


KALE - Lacinato

An heirloom variety with very dark blue-green, bumpy leaves that give it the nickname Dinosaur Kale. Superior vigor, yield and hardiness.


KALE - Red Russian

Flat, toothed, dark green leaves with purple veins on purple stems. The plants mature medium-tall and leaves are tender compared to other kales. For salads and light cooking. NOTE: To extend storage life, dunk leaves in cold water after harvest.


KALE - Redbor

(50 days) A vigorous, cold-hardy magenta variety with mild, crisp leaves.


KALE - Vates Dwaf Blue Curled

(30 days baby, 56 days mature) Open-pollinated. A compact, dense, frilly, blue-green variety that maintains color and resisst yellowing in cold and heat. Hardy and productive. Also called Vates or Blue Scotch.


Kale - Winterbor

(60 days) A vigorous F-1 hybrid with savoyed. blue-green leaves and excellent cold hardiness and the richest blue-green color.


KOHLRABI - Gigante

Open-pollinated. Regularly exceeding 10 pounds and 10" in diameter, this Czechoslovakian heirloom doesn’t get woody but retains crisp, white, mildly tangy flesh. After a few hard frosts in the Fall its leaves are sweet and the stems are tender like brocolli.


LEEK - Bleu de Solaise

A short, reliable French heritage variety with blue leaves that tinge purple as temperatures drop.


LEEK - King Sieg

(84 days) Open-pollinated. A versatile, stable, blue-green variety with delayed maturity.


Lettuce - Parris Island cos

Pale-creamy green hearts surrounded by thick green outer leaves on enormous upright plants.


LETTUCE - Prizehead Leaf

Luscious, green heads with loose, curled, bronze-fringed outer leaves and lime green inner leaves. Crisp, sweet and tender. 


LETTUCE - Red Iceberg

(50 days) An almost chocolate-colored) variety with medium-sized, fairly tight heads that hold a long time before going to seed.


Lettuce bowls

This year we will be growing bowls of an assortment of lettuce varieties.


ONION - Ailsa Craig

Well-known by British gardeners, a Spanish variety with yellow-skinned, round bulbs that form early and are tolerant of cool weather. Short-term storage.


ONION - Borrettana Cipolini

(110 days) A yellow, flat, mini storage onion that will store for up to five months.


Onion - New York Early

Medium-sized, round bulbs with brown skin and mild white flesh. Stores well.


onion - Patterson Yellow

Compare to Copra. Extremely long storage, firm yellow onion. Medium-large, blocky bulbs with dark yellow skin and thin necks that dry quickly.


ONION - Walla Walla Sweet Spanish

(115 days) A sweet, large-yielding heirloom variety award-winning mild flavor and bulbs up to 1 lb each. Great for slicing.


PEPPER - HOT - Czech Black

(65 days) Open-pollinated. Conical, thick-walled garnet-colored 2.5" fruits with mild juicy flesh. Less hot than a jalapeño.


PEPPER - HOT - Early Jalapeno

(966 days) Most familiar in their green stage, Jalapeños are hottest and fully ripe when they turn red. Stocky, strong 2' tall plants bearing a heavy crop of short, thick-walled 2-3" peppers.


PEPPER - HOT - Habanero

(90 days) Among the hottest peppers anywhere - use very sparingly and wear gloves when handling. Blocky, wrinkled peppers measure about 2" long and slightly less wide, maturing from silvery-green to bright orange on the plant.


PEPPER - HOT - Hungarian Hot Wax

Also knowns as the Yellow Hot, Yellow Wax, a yellow 4-6" long variety. Often mistaken for the banana chile, it is larger and hotter.


PEPPER - HOT - Long Red Cayenne

Fiery HOT long, slender, slightly wrinkled 4-6" inch peppers no thicker than a pencil. Fruits turn from dark green to bright red.


PEPPER - HOT - Thai Hot

(85 days) Pointed 1" bright red and green peppers on mounded 18-inch plants are hot, zesty and a festive ornamental for the patio, container, or border.


Pepper - Sweet - Caballero

(65 days green, 84 days red ripe) F-1 hybrid Large, thick-fleshed dark green fruits ripen to deep red. Knowns as poblanos when green and anchos when dried.



An Italian bull's horn (corno di toro) type with early, sweet, tapered 6" fruits that ripen to deep carmine.


Pepper - Sweet - Gilboa

Open pollinated, strong plants produce a high, early yield of orange, block-type, medium-sized, thick-walled fruits.


PEPPER - SWEET - King of the North

An early heirloom variety with sweet, 6" long fruits that ripen from green to red. 



Medium-sized, very early, dark green, 3-4" lobed fruits on compact, vigorous plants. Bears cooler conditions and esistant to blossom drop due to cool nights.


PEPPER - SWEET - Purple Beauty

A very productive, crisp, thick-walled, lobed bell variety that ripens deep purple with a green undertone.


Pepper - Sweet - Takara

(60 days) A compact, high-yielding shishito variety with wrinkled, mild, finger-sized fruits. Good for containers.


SCALLION - Evergreen Hardy White

An exceptionally winter-hardy bunching onion with little or no bulbing. May be handled as a perennial by dividing the clumps the second summer to produce a new crop.


SHALLOT - Camelot

With Prisma going out of production, Camelot is a good replacement, with a smooth oniony flavor.


Squash - Black Zucchini

Open pollinated. Plants with an open hapbit producing dark green fruits with greenish-white, firm, tender flesh. Best picked around 6" in length.


Squash - Burgess Buttercup

(85-100 days) Flattened, dark green, 3-5 pound turbans with very sweet orange flesh. This hard rind makes this a medium keeper.


SQUASH - Burpee's Butterbush

Deep red-orange, rich flesh is rich and delicious with great storage capacity.


Squash - Cocozelle

(53 days) Open pollinated An Italian heirloom bush zucchini producing many straight, striped, slightly-ribbed, firm-fleshed fruits with a nutty flavor.


Squash - Jarrahdale Pumpkin

A long storage variety producing 2-3 drum-shaped, ribbed, slate-gray fruits, 12-18 lb each, with sweet, thick, organge flesh.


SQUASH - Saffron Summer

Early, high-yielding, perfect straightnecks on sturdy, open, compact plants.


Squash - Sweet REBA Bush Acorn

Classic acorn squash producing 5-6 uniform, 1-2 lb dark green fruits per plant that are disease resistant (REBA stands for Resistant Early Bush Acorn). A good storage variety.


SQUASH - Zeppelin Delicata

Open-pollinated. A heirloom with ivory-colored, oblong, striped, 1 pound fruits that are very sweet. Green stripes turn orange and the cream background sometimes yellows in storage.


Tomatillo - Purple Blush

(70 days) Semi-determinate. Deep violet fruits with green flesh encases in papery husks.


Tomatillo - Toma Verde

(70 days) Determinate. Medium to large fruits that ripen from yellow to green when papery husks split.


Tomato - Aunt Ruby's German Green

(85 days) Open-pollinated. Indeterminate. Large, sweet, rich spicy, slightly-flattened green and pink marbled fruits that take on pink tinge to the blossom end when ripe.


TOMATO - Big Beef

Indeterminate. An early maturing variety with superior disease tolerance and bearing at least double the number of extra-large, extra-meaty, extra-tasty fruits of other varieties in its class.


TOMATO - Black Prince

Originally from Irkutsk, Siberia, this heirloom is early and prolific, and suited to patios and cooler climates. With juicy, rich, smooth, medium-sized, round 2.5" fruits that ripen to deep garnet red with some dark chocolate brown and black. It should be harvested when its upper half has turned dark but still shows traces of green.


TOMATO - Brandywine

An heirloom variety is a potato-leaf variety with exceptionally rich flavor from reddish-pink fruits. We have both pink and black varieties.


TOMATO - Cherry - Black Cherry

An heirloom variety with plentiful clusters of rich, juicy, sweet, 1", deep-red-to-black true cherry tomatoes with a blackish hue.


Tomato - Cherry - Matt's Wild Cherry

(60 days) Indeterminate. A high-yielding variety with some blight resistance producing deep red, soft, sweet fruits.


TOMATO - Cherry - Sungold

Exceptionally sweet, bright, tangerine-orange cherry fruits on vigorous indeterminate plants that start yielding early and bear right through the season. Tendency to split precludes shipping.


Tomato - Cherry - Super Sweet 100

Indeterminate. An F-1 hybrid with widely-adapted, disease-resistant plants producing a heavy crop of scarlet, cherry-sized fruits in large clusters right up to frost.


Tomato - Cherry - Sweetie

(65 days) Indeterminate. A high-yielding variety with very sweet, firm-fleshed fruits. Good for containers.


TOMATO - Cosmonaut Volkov

Determinate. A Ukrainian variety with slightly squat, deep crimson 2" fruit with green-tinged shoulders and bright red interiors. Rich, deep, balanced, sweet and tangy flavor.


Tomato - Glacier

Plentiful, early, round, 2-3", red to slightly orange fruit produced on compact, potato-leafed plants to 3" tall. Reliable in cooler-season climates, setting fruit all summer long.


TOMATO - Goldie

This indeterminate golden-colored heirloom variety has vigorous and large vine growth.


Tomato - Grape - Honeydrop

(62 days) Open pollinated. Indeterminate. Honey-colored fruits that taste similar to white grapes and are less prone to cracking in wet weather than Sun Gold. Some blight resistance.


TOMATO - Husk / Ground Cherry - Ambrosia

Also called the Cape Gooseberry, sweet golden berries grow inside papery husks, resembling small, straw-colored Japanese lanterns. Plants are profusely branching, prolific, and drop ripe fruits that can be eaten raw, dried like raisins, frozen, canned, or made into preserves, cooked pies, and desserts.


TOMATO - Jet Star

Indeterminate. A sturdy plant producing heavy yields of large, clean, globe-shaped, brightly-coloured fruit, quite free of cracks and scars, in the second early season.


TOMATO - Opalka Paste

Indeterminate. An heirloom Polish variety with vigorous vines producing rich, sweet, extremely meaty 5" long fruit with very few seeds.


Tomato - Plum Regal

(80 days) Determinate. F1 hybrid. Medium-sized, high-yielding plants produce large, deep red fruits. Good disease and cracking resistance.


TOMATO - Pruden's Purple

Indeterminate. A large heirloom variety with taste that rivals the famous Brandywine. Deep pink, almost purple, ribbed fruits can weigh over 1 lb and are resistant to cold and cracking.


TOMATO - Rutgers

Determinate. Developed by Rutgers University for Campbell's Soup Company in 1934, this variety produces vibrant, 2-4" red, round tomato fruits on a strong, disease resistant vine.


Tomato - Weaver's Black Brandywine

(85 days) Open-pollinated. Indeterminate. A large, irregular, flattened, heirloom beefsteak variety with shades of crimson, purple, green and brown.

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