Nut Trees


Butternut - Bountiful

Zone 4 • Mature 40-50' tall x 40-50' wide

Juglans cinerea - A grafted, cold-hardy, self-pollinating variety that bears in 2-3 years and ripens in late August-late September.


Chestnut - American

Zone 5 • Mature 50-75' tall x 50-75' wide

Castanea dentata - Bears when a few years old. Plant several for a good yield.


Chestnut - Chinese

Zone 4 • Mature 30-40' tall x 30-40' wide

Castanea mollissima - White blossoms produce nuts in 3-5 years through October. Plants in pairs for good pollination.


Chestnut - Dunstan

Zone 4 • Mature 40-46' tall x 30-40' wide

Castanea ssp. - A blight-resistant American x Chinese hybrid. Plant two for proper pollination.


Hazelnut - American

Zone 4 • Mature 10-16' tall x 8-13' wide

Corylus americana - A cold-tolerant variety that produces in as little as 4 years. Plant two varieties for good pollintation.


Horsechestnut - European

Zone 4 • Mature 50-75' tall x 40-65' tall

Aesculus hippocastanum - White flower spikes with red or yellow markings that produce inedible nuts.


Horsechestnut - Ft McNair

Zone 5 • Mature 30-40' tall x 25-35' wide

Aesculus x carnea 'Fort McNair' - A hummingbird favorite and deer- and disease-resistant Buckeye x Horsechestnut cross with pink flower spikes that produce inedible nuts.


Walnut - Black Gem

Zone 5 • Mature 40-60ft tall x 40-60' wide

Juglans nigra - A grafted, heat-tolerant, self-pollinating variety that bears in 4-5 years and ripens in late September.

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