Evergreen - Trees and shrubs

Arborvitae - Amber Gold

Zone 4-8 • Mature 15' high x 3' wide

Thuja occidentalis 'Jantar' - A variety with yellow-edged green foliage that matures to amber-gold as weather grows colder.

Arborvitae - American

Zone 3-7 • Mature 30' high x 10' wide

Thuja occidentalis 'Nigra' - A dense, narrowly-pyramidal variety with aromatic, yellow-green foliage in flattened sprays and exfoliating red-brown bark.

Arborvitae - Dark Green American

Zone 2-8 • Mature 15' high x 10' wide

Thuja occidentalis 'Techny' - A dense, pyramidal variety with aromatic, yellow-green to green foliage in flattened sprays and red-brown bark.

Arborvitae - Emerald Green

Zone 2-7 • Mature 14' high x 4' wide

Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd' also called American arborvitae -   A dense, narrowly-pyramidal variety with aromatic, yellow-green foliage appears in flattened sprays and exfoliating red-brown bark.

Arborvitae - Emerald Green Carved

Zone 4-8 • Mature 15' high x 4' wide

Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd' also called American arborvitae) - A sprial-shaped version of the variety.

Arborvitae - Globe

Zone 3 • Mature 4-10’ tall x 8-12’ wide

Thuja occidentalis 'Woodwardii' - A compact globular-spreading variety with scale-like rich green foliage in flattened sprays.

Arborvitae - Green Giant

Zone 5-8 • Mature 60' high x 18' wide

Thuja plicata - A fast-growing (3-4'/year), dense, narrow, pyramidal variety with dark green foliage year-round and small cones. Often pruned for screens or hedges.


Arborvitae - Mr. Bowling Ball

Zone 3 • Mature 24-30” tall and wide

Thuja occidentalis 'Bobozam' - A rounded dwarf variety with dense, lacy, green foliage.

Cedar - Red columnar

Zone 3-9 • Mature 15' high x 15' wide

Juniperus virginiana ‘Hetzii Columnaris’ - A bushy, open variety with blue-gray-green foliage and round, purple cones.

Cypress - Nootka

Zone 4-7 • Mature 35' high x 12' wide

Xanthocyparis nootkatensis 'Pendula' - A slender, pyramidal, drooping-branched variety with a nodding central leader with widely-spaced branches and blue--gray-green.

Cypress - Siberian

Zone 3 • Mature 8-12' tall x 8-10’ wide

Microbiota decussata - A dwarf variety with indefinitely spreading stems that nod at the tips and bright green foliage that turns bronze-purple in autumn and winter. Also called Russian arborvitae.


Dawn Redwood

Zone 4 • Mature 70-100’ tall x 15-25’ wide

Metasequoia glyptostroboides - An ancient deciduous conifer that has existed for some 50,000,000 years.


Dawn Redwood - Gold Rush

Zone 4 • Mature 70-100' ta;; x 15-25’ wide

Metasequoia glyptostroboides - Soft, linear, feathery, fern-like, golden foliage that turns orange-brown in fall. Trunk broadens at the base to develop fluting at the base with age. sometimes elaborate fluting.

False Cypress - Boulevard

Zone 4 • Mature 12’ tall x 4’ wide

Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Boulevard' - A cone-shaped, slow-to-moderate grower with dense, silvery-blue foliage in soft plumes that turn grayish-blue in cold winters.


False Cypress - Compact Gold Threadleaf

Zone 5 • Mature 6-10’ tall x 6’ wide

Chamaecyparis pisifera filifera aurea 'Nana' - A dwarf variety with a haystack shape and thin, golden, whip-like leaves and branches.


False Cypress - Compact Hinoki

Zone 5 • Mature 6-8' tall x 4-6’ wide

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Compacta' - A semi-dwarf typical Hinoki-shaped variety with a rich, dark color.


False Cypress - Dwarf Hinoki

Zone 5 • Mature 5-6' tall x 2-3’ wide

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Nana Gracilis' - An irregularly-upright variety with dark green compacted foliage. Never needs pruning.


False Cypress - Fernspray

Zone 4 • Mature 8-10' tall x 3-4’ wide

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Filicoides' - A pyramidal variety with curved limbs and fern-like green foliage.


False Cypress - Golden Fernspray

Zone 4 • Mature 6-8' tall x 4-6' wide

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Filicoides Aurea' - Arching sprays of golden, fern-like foliage on flattened branches that taper to a point. Needs plenty of sun and moisture to achieve the bright color, but take care not to scorch with afternoon sun.


False Cypress - Golden Hinoki

Zone 4 • Mature 8-10' tall x 8’ wide

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Aurea' - A slow-growing variety with golden outer fans and a darker interior.

False Cypress - Hinoki

Zone 4-8 • Mature 8' high x 4' wide

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Tempelhof' - A dwarf, rounded variety with broad fans of whorled branches and yellow-green foliage that matures to bronze for Winter.


False Cypress - Koster

Zone 5 • Mature 2-4' tall x 2-4’ wide

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Kosteri' - A pyramidal variety with somewhat sprawling ascending branches with downward curving tips and large, bright green, twisted fans that bronze in winter.


False Cypress - Lemon Thread

Chamaecyparis pisifera filifera 'Lemon Thread' - A large, pyramidal variety with finely-textured green needles that are white underneath.

False Cypress - Slender Hinoki

Zone 5 • Mature 8-12' tall x 4-5’ wide

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Gracilis' - A slow-growing, conical, compact variety with slender, arched, irregular, outspread branches.

False Cypress - Sun Gold Thread

Zone 4 • Mature 6' tall x 5' wide

Chamaecyparis pisifera filifera 'Sun Gold' - When young a dwarf, mounding variety with thready, golden and green foliage on drooping branches that become pyramidal with age. Very burn resistant even in full sun.


False Cypress - Weeping Blue Alaskan

Zone 5 • Mature 30-40' tall x 20’ wide

Chameacyparis Nootkatensis Glauca Pendula - A conical crown with numerous drooping branches to the ground and soft, blue-green foliage

Fir - Balsam

Zone 3 • Mature 40-60’ tall x 15-20’ wide

Abies balsamae - A cold-hardy, aromatic variety.


Fir - Candicans White

Zone 4 • Mature 30-40’ tall x 15’ wide

Abies concolor 'Candicans' - A fast-growing variety with very large powder-blue needles. Older specimens are topped with large, erect, bluish-purple cones.

Fir - Fraser

Zone 4-7 • Mature 50' high x 25' wide

Abies fraseri - A narrow, pyramidal variety with white-backed, flat, dark green needles, a spired crown and purplish cones.

Hemlock - Canadian

Zone 3-7 • Mature 70' high x 35' wide

Tsuga canadensis - A dense, pyramidal variety with small, dark green needles in flat sprays and small, tan cones and thick, rough bark.


Juniper - Blue Pfitzer

Zone 4 • Mature 6-8' tall x 10’ wide

Juniperus chinensis 'Pfitzeriana Glauca' - A vase-shaped variety with silver-grey foliage. 


Juniper - Blue Point

Zone 4 • Mature 12’ tall x 8’ wide

Juniperus chinensis - A densely-branched, broad pyramidal variety with blue-green foliage.

Juniper - Gold

Zone 5-7 • Mature 5' high x 2' wide

Juniperus communis 'Gold Cone' - An upright, slow-growing variety with bright gold new foliage in spring that matures to bluish-green.


Juniper - Gold Coast

Zone 3 • Mature 3-4' tall x 4-5’ wide

Juniperus x Gold Coast -  A compact variety with golden, lacy foliage that deepens in winter. Full sun.

Juniper - Gray Owl

Zone 2-9 • Mature 3' high x 6' wide

Juniperus virginiana - A dense variety with horizontal branches, dark blue foliage, and gray to reddish-brown, exfoliating bark and black-green cones on the female trees.   Dark blue green scale-like foliage. Foliage may turn brown-green in winter. Cultivars of this species often retain better foliage color in winter.

Juniper - Green Sargents

Zone 4 • Mature 10” tall x 10’ wide

Juniperus chinensis Sargentii 'Viridis' - A fast-growing, broadly-spreading variety with soft green coloring all year. Very durable, tolerant of heat, cold and drought. Full sun.


Juniper - Holger

Zone 5 • Mature 5-6' tall x 5-6’ wide

Juniperus squamata - New growth in spring is frosted with gold turning to blue-green summer color and blue-gray in winter.

Juniper - Hollywood

Zone 5-9 • Mature 15' high x 10' wide

 Juniperus chinensis 'Torulosa' - A loose twisted variety that lends itself well to topiary.

Juniper - Iowa

Zone 4-8 • Mature 10' high x 4' wide

Juniper chinensis - An upright, slow-growing, loose, deer-resistant, pyramidal variety with blue-green foliage and blue-green berries.


Juniper - Moonglow Upright

Zone 3 • Mature 20’ tall x 8’ wide

Juniperus scopulorum - Exceptionally showy, silvery blue foliage and A tough, broad, compact, broad pyramidal variety with silvery-blue foliage. Deer resistant.


Juniper - Old Gold

Zone 3 • Mature 3-4' tall x 6-10’ wide

Juniperus chinensis - A compact variety with a slight arching to the tips of the branches and bright gold new growth has a bright golden-yellow that deepens in the winter. Full sun will result in its best color.

Juniper - Robusta Green

Zone 4-9 • Mature 15' high x 7' wide

Juniperus chinensis - An irregula, upright variety with blue-green foliage in dense tufts and a heavy crop of cones.

Juniper - Sea Green

Zone 4 • Mature 6’ tall x 6-8’ wide

Juniperus chinensis  - A spreading variety with upward-arching branches and dark green foliage that darkens in winter.  Prefers well-drained soils and sun.


Juniper - Skyrocket

Zone 3 • Mature 15-20' tall x 2-3’ wide

Juniperus virginiana - A tall, extremely narrow, fast-growing, columnar variety with short, silvery-blue foliage.

Juniper - Spartan Upright

Zone 5 • Mature 15' x 3-5’ tall

Juniperis chinensis - A fast-growing, densely-branched, dark green, symmetrical, pyramidal column. Tolerates heat, cold and drought.

Juniper - Upright Hetzii

Zone 4 • Mature 15' tall x 5’ wide

Juniperus chinensis 'Hetzii Columnaris' - An upright, pyramidal variety with dense, tight branches and bright green foliage.


Juniper - Wichita Blue

Zone 3 • Mature 10-15' tall x 4-6’ wide

Juniperus scopulorum - A broadly pyramidal variety with silver-blue foliage.

Larch - European Contorted

Zone 3-8 • Mature 8' high x 8' wide

Larix decidua 'Horstmann's Recurva' - An upright conifer with twisting, turning branchlets. Needles are green in summer and golden in autumn before falling.


Larch - European Weeping

Zone 4 • Mature growth depends on staking

Larix decidua 'Pendula'   A prostrate variety with dark green needles turn neon gold in autumn and fall in winter. Can be staked to form an upright leader.


Larch - Japanese Diana

Zone 4 • Mature 20-25’ tall x 10-13’ wide

Larix kaempferi-  A contorted, twisted variety with soft, twisted blue-green needles.

Pine - Austrian

Zone 4-7 • Mature 60' hgih x 40' wide

Pinus nigra - A medium-to-large, dense, pyramidal variety that matures to a flat dome with dark green foliage, dark brown bark and oval cones.


Pine - Blue Shag Dwarf White

Zone 3 • Mature 2-4' tall x 2-4' wide

Pinus strobus 'Blue Shag' - A compact, round true dwarf with blue-green to blue-silver foliage.


Pine - Bristlecone

Zone 4 • Mature 15-20’ tall x 8-10’ wide

Pinus aristata - An irregularly-growing variety with distinctive white resin spots on the needles. Also known as Rocky Mountain or Interior Bristlecone Pine. May grow for thousands of years


Pine - Dwarf Mugo

Zone 3 • Mature 3-5' tall x 6-10’ wide

Pinus mugo Pumilio - A slow-growing, broad, spreading, dwarf variety with dark green needles. Full sun.

Pine - Limber Cesarini Blue

Zone 4-7 • Mature 25' high x 15' wide

Pinus flexilis - An upright, narrow, slow-growing, compact variety with very blue needles.

Pine - Limber Vanderwolf's Pyramid

Zone 4-7 • Mature 30' high x 15' wide

Pinus flexilis 'Vanderwolf's Pyramid' - An upright, slow-growing, pyramidal variety with close, twisted, silvery-blue-green needles.

Pine - Nana

Zone 3-8 • Mature 7' high x 10' wide

Pinus strobus - A compact, slow-growing, mounded, spreading, dwarf variety with soft silvery-blue green needles.

Pine - Pitch

Zone 4 • Mature 60' high x 50' wide

Pinus rigida - An open, irregular variety with slightly curved, dark green needles.


Pine - Slowmound Mugo

Zone 3 • Mature 203’ tall x 2-3’ wide

Pinus mugo 'Slowmound' - A slow-growing, compact, rugged, hardy, evenly-mounded dwarf variety with deep green, fine foliage. Highly tolerant of salt and urban pollution, drought tolerant when established.

Pine - White

Zone 3-8 • Mature 80' high x 40' wide

Pinus strobus - A fasts-growing, long-lived with soft, blue-green needles and cylindrical, brown cones.

Spruce - Birdsnest

Zone 3 • Mature 3-5’ tall x 4-6’ wide

Picea abies 'Nidiformis' - A dwarf, very hardy, slow-growing, nest-shaped variety with tight, multi-layered branches. Very hardy and wind resistant. Full sun.


Spruce - Colorado Blue

Zone 4 • Mature 60' tall x 20' wide

Picea pungens 'Glauca' - A symmetrical, pyramidal, variety with rigid, tiered branches densely covered with stiff gray-blue needles. Full sun.

Spruce - Colorado Blue Baby Blueeyes

Zone 3-7 • Mature 12' high x 10' wide

Picea pungens - A semi-dwarf, pyramidal variety with dense blue-gray foliage that holds its color well year-round.


Spruce - Fat Albert Blue

Zone 3 • Mature 10-20’ tall x 10-12’ tall

Picea pungens - A full, pyramidal variety with a strong, straight leader and blue needles.


Spruce - Howell's Dwarf Tigertail

Picea bicolor 'Howell's Dwarf Tigertail' - A spreading, flat variety with green needles that are sliver-blue underneath. Cones are reddish-purple. Will develop a central leader unless the leader is pruned out. Prefers full sun but will tolerate some shade.


Spruce - Montgomery Dwarf Blue

Zone 3 • Mature 10-12’ tall x 6-8’ wide

Picea pungens 'Montgomery' - A slow-growing, variety that is flat-topped when young then develops to a dense cone.

Spruce - Norway

Zone 2-7 • Mature 60' high x 30 wide

Picea abies - A large, fast-growing, pyramidal variety with four-sided, deep green foliage and cones. 

Spruce - Norway Acrocona

Zone 3-7 • Mature 10' high x 10' wide

Picea abies - A small, upright variety with dark green needles and red cones at branch ends in Spring that mature to tan by Summer.

Spruce - Norway Columnar

Zone 2 • Mature 25-30’ tall x 6-8’ wide

Picea abies 'Cupressina' - A slender variety with dark green, closely-set, slightly curved needles.


Spruce - Norway Dwarf

Zone 3 • Mature 3-4' tall x 6-10' wide

Picea abies 'Pumila' - A slow-growing, dwarf variety that grows into a dense, flattened, globular mound with lower brances that spread out and upper branches that spread upward. Prefers cool summer climates.


Spruce - Norway Dwarf Little Gem

Picea abies - A slow-growing, dense, flat-topped, globe-shaped variety with rich green needles.


Spruce - Norway Weeping

Zone 2 • Mature growth depends on staking

Picea abies 'Farnsburg' - A small, compact variety with trailing, draping branches and soft needles soft. Prefers full sun in well-drained soil.

Spruce - Norway Weeping

Zone 3-7 • Mature 15' high x 15' wide

Picea abies 'Pendula' - An irregular variety with a final form dependent on training. It will sprawl unless supported.


Spruce - Norway White Tipped

Zone 2 • Mature 30-40' tall x 10-15’ wide

Picea abies 'Argenteospicata' - A narrow, upright variety with dark green foliage with bright yellow tips that fade to green during the summer.


Spruce - Prostrate Alcocks

Zone 5 • Mature 3' tall x 8-10’ wide

Picea bicolor 'Prostrata' - A relatively rare variety with a dense crown, spreading branches and bluish-green foliage with lighter lines of stomata.  The cones are about 4 inches long and the Brown bark has a pinkish tinge, and cones are about 4" long.


Spruce - Serbian

Zone 4 • Mature 60' tall x 20' wide

Picea Omorika - A narrow, pyramidal, spire-like variety with pendant branches that ascend at the tips.

Spruce - Weeping Blue

Zone 2 • Mature 15' high x 5' wide

Picea pungens 'Glauca Slenderina Pendula' - A very hardy, slow-growing, drooping-branched, densely-packed, columnar variety with blue needles.

Spruce - Weeping White

Zone 2-8 • Mature 30' high x 10' wide

Picea glauca 'Pendula' - A drooping-branched variety with short, densely-packed needles.

Spruce - White

Zone 2-6 • Mature 60' high x 20' wide

Picea glauca - An extremely hardy variety with blue-green, aromatic foliage and pale brown cones.

Yew - Dense Spreading

Zone 4 • Mature 3-4' tall x 4-6’ wide

Taxus x. media 'Densiformis' - A versatile, low-growing, wide-spreading variety with a very dense center and dark green needles.


Yew - Hicks Upright

Zone 4 • Mature 10-12' tall x 3-4’ wide

Taxus x. media 'Hicksii' - A narrow, columnar variety with long, upright branches and glossy dark green foliage. Needs well-drained.

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