Evergreen - Broadleaf


Andromeda - Blue Ice Bog

Zone 2 • Mature 1’ tall x 3’ wide

Andromeda polifolia - A groundcover variety with small, pink, bell-shaped flowers in early spring on dense mat of icy-blue leaves. Full sun or part shade, thrives in perpetual moisture but intolerant of saturated soils.


Azalea - Bixby

Zone 5 • Mature 2’ tall x 3-4’ wide

A very hardy, very slow-growing, dense, dwarf azalea with profuse dark red flowers, deep green summer foliage that turns red in autumn.


Azalea - Compact Poukhanense

Zone 5 • Mature 3-4’ tall x 5-6’ wide

A hardy, compact azalea with lavender-purple flowers in May.


Azalea - Karen

Zone 4 • Mature 4’ tall x 5’ wide

Extremely hardy with lavender hose-in-hose flowers in mid-May and copper-maroon in autumn.


Azalea - Stewarts

Zone 5 • Mature 4-5’ tall x 4-5’ wide

A dense, spreading, low-to-medium-sized azalea with glossy, dark green foliage that turns reddish-chocolate in cold winters and clusters of medium-sized, orange-red flowers in spring.


Bearberry - Massachusetts

Zone 3 • Mature 12” tall x 1-15’ wide

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi - A very cold-hardy Northeastern native groundcover that spreads gradually into an evergreen mat of leaves with clusters of pale pink bell-shaped blossoms in late spring followed by red berries in late summer and through autumn, when foliage is tinged red-gold. Full to part sun. Deer resistant.


Bearberry - Vancouver Jade

Zone 2 • Mature 6-20” tall 6-8’ wide

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi - Low cover that spreads quickly with pink-tinged white flowers followed by red fruit. Full to partial sun.

Boxwood - Graham Blandy

Zone 5-9 • Mature 9' high x 2' wide

Buxus sempervirens - A narrow, deer-resistant, columnar variety with dense, deep green foliage.


Boxwood - Green Beauty

Zone 5 • Mature 4-6’ tall and wide

Buxus - A heat-tolerant dark green variety.


Boxwood - Green Gem

Zone 4 • Mature 2' tall x 2’ wide

Buxus (Buxus microphylla var. koreana x Buxus sempervirens) - A very hardy, globe-shaped variety.


Boxwood - Green Mountain

Zone 4 • Mature 5’ tall x 3’ wide

Buxus - A dense, upright, cone-shaped variety with form has bright green leaves that retain their color through winter. Vigorous when young, then a moderate grower. Full to partial sun.

Boxwood - Green Velvet

Zone 5 • Mature 3-4' tall x 3-4’ wide

Buxus - A semi-spherical variety that holds its color well into cold winters.

Boxwood - Winter Gem

Zone 5 • Mature 46’ tall and wide

Buxus microphylla -A densely-branched variety that retains its dark green foliage in winter. The hardiest of boxwoods. Full to partial sun.


Boxwood - Wintergreen

Zone 4 • Mature 2-4’ tall

Buxus - A dense, compact, slow-growing, extremely hardy, many-branched, broad, mounded Korean variety that usually has a loose and open habit.


Euonymus - Blondy

Zone 5 • Mature 18-24” tall x 2-3’ wide

Euonymus fortunei - A hardy variety with big, clear yellow thumbprints in the center of each green leaf on bright yellow stems.


Euonymus - Emerald 'n Gold

Zone 5 • Mature 4-5' tall x 3’ wide

Euonymus fortunei -  A colorful evergreen shrub, providing A dense, mounding variety that can become a climber if supported with bright green, gold-edged foliage that turns pink-red in cold weather. Full sun.


Euonymus - Emerald Gaiety

Zone 5 • Mature 2-4' tall x 3-4’ wide

Euonymus fortunei - A dense erect variety that can become a climber if supported with deep green leaves edged in white and tinged pink in winter.


Euonymus - Gold Splash

Zone 5 • Mature 18-24" tall and wide

Euonymus fortunei - A low-maintenance variety with big, round, soft yellow and green leaves.


Euonymus - Kewensis Wintercreeper

Zone 5 • Mature 3” tall x 4-5’ wide

Euonymus fortunei - A low-growing, prostrate, trailing ground cover variety that spreads indefinitely as a dense, sprawling mat that will climb a wall or other structure if supported.


Euonymus - Moonshadow

Zone 4 • Mature 3’ tall x 5’ wide

Euonymus fortunei - Deep green leaves with a large, bright yellow blotch in the center.


Holly - Blue Prince Male

Zone 5 • Mature 6-8’ tall x 3-4’ wide

Ilex meserveae - A very hardy variety with dark blue-green foliage on blue-purple stems. Excellent pollenizer for nearby female. Full to partial sun.


Holly - Blue Princess Female

Zone 5 • Mature 6-8' tall x 5-6’ wide

Ilex meserveae - A pollenizer for berry set with dense blue-green foliage on purple stems and a profusion of bright red berries fall through winter. Full to partial sun.


Inkberry - Compact

Zone 4 • Mature 4-6' tall and wide

Ilex glabra - A dwarf variety with dense twiggy habit and an abundance of black berries through winter.


Inkberry - Shamrock Compact

Zone 4 • Mature 5' tall and wide

Ilex glabra - A compact, dwarf variety with a dense twiggy habit and black berries through winter.


Japanese andromeda - Avalanche

Zone 4 • Mature 4-5' tall and wide

Pieris japonica - A dense, rounded, deer-resistant variety with the leathery, medium green foliage that flowers in early spring with long strings of buds at stem terminals that open in mid-April to clouds of white flowers. Will tolerate sun but loves partial shade to shade.


Japanese Andromeda - Browers Beauty

Zone 5 • Mature 4-5' tall x 6’ wide

Pieris x 'Browers Beauty' - A slow-growing, compact variety with bronzed new foliage that ages to dark green and large trusses of urn-shaped white flowers during April and May.


Japanese Andromeda - Mountain Fire

Zone 5 • Mature 6-8' tall x 6-8’ wide

Pieris japonica – A slow-growing variety with fiery-red new growth that matures to deep green and broad, pendulous white flower clusters. Partial sun.


Japanese Andromeda - Valley Valentine

Zone 5 • Mature 5-7’ tall and wide

Pieris japonica - A slow-growing, compact, mounding variety with bronzed new growth and deep red buds and pendant flowers. Partial sun.


Mountain Laurel

Zone 4 • Mature 5-15’ tall x 5-15’ wide

Kalmia latifolia - A gnarled, multi-stemmed shrub or small tree native to Eastern North America where it is found in a variety of habitats including open rocky or sandy woods, cool meadows, balds, mountain slopes and woodland margins. Prized for excellent spring flowers and quality year-round foliage. It typically grows as a dense rounded shrub to 5-15’ tall, opening up and developing gnarly branches with age and can grow to a small tree.


Mountain Laurel - Carousel

Zone 4 • Mature 4-5’tall x 4-6’ wide

Kalmia latifolia - A glossy, dark green variety with lavender buds that open in mid-spring to reveal white flowers with an intricate cinnamon-purplish edge.


Mountain Laurel - Nathan Hale

Zone 5 • Mature 5' tall x 4-5’ wide

Kalmia latifolia - A dense rounded form with red new growth and clusters of red buds that open to pink flowers. Good in containers.


Mountain Laurel - Nipmuck

Zone 4 • Mature 5-8’ tall x 5-8’ wide

Kalmia latifolia - A deer-resistant naturalizer with medium green foliage and intense red buds that open light pink or white. Rich shade to part sun locations.


Mountain Laurel - Olympic Wedding

Zone 5 • Mature 4' tall x 4’ wide

Kalmia latifolia - A delicate, somewhat open variety with dark green foliage that turns purplish in winter and
pink buds that open to reveal flowers bearing an intricate, interrupted maroon burgundy band along the edge.


Mountain Laurel - Sarah

Zone 4 • Mature 3-4' tall x 3-4' wide

Kalmia latifolia - A dense variety with wavy, glossy, thick foliage and dark pink-to-red buds that open as white flowers that fade to pink.


Mountain Laurel - Tinkerbelle

Zone 5 • Mature 4-5' tall x 4-5' tall

Kalmia latifolia - An aggressive-growing variety with upright branches that spread as they age becoming dense, rounded and bulky with delicate foliage and deep pink bunches of buds that open as pure pink flower trusses in early June.


Rhododdendron - Album

Zone 4 • Mature 8-10' tall x 8-10’ wide

Rhododendron catawbiense - A vigorous, wide, upright, dark green variety with lilac-flushed buds that open to pure white flowers with greenish yellow spots on a compact, rounded trusses. Protect from winter sun and winds.


Rhododendron - Aglo

Zone 4 • Mature 5-6' tall and wide

A hardy, fast-growing, aromatic variety with with a dense, mounding habit and soft pink flowers in early May. Prefers full sun and well-drained, rich soil. Excellent winter leaf retention.


Rhododendron - April Snow

Zone 4 • Mature 5-6' tall x 3-4’ wide

A dense variety with double white flowers in April.


Rhododendron - Besse Howells

Zone 4 • Mature 4-6' tall and wide

Rhododendron catawbiense - A compact, upright-mounding variety with medium green foliage and large trusses of deep pink-red flowers in early June.


Rhododendron - Boule de Neige

Zone 4 • Mature 4-5' tall and wide

A dense, rounded variety with deep green foliage and pink buds that open to round, pure white, softball-sized trusses in early to mid-May.  


Rhododendron - Boursault

Zone 4 • Mature 5-7' tall and wide

Rhododendron catawbiense - A dense, vigorous, mid- to late-blooming variety with lavender flowers.


Rhododendron - Capistrano

Zone 5 • Mature 6-8' tall and wide

A hardy, dense, rounded variety with deep green foliage and yellow flower trusses.


Rhododendron - Chinoides

Zone 5 • Mature 4-5' tall x 5-6’ wide

Rhododendron catawbiense – A dense, compact variety with narrow, deep dark green foliage and big trusses of white flowers with yellow centers toward the end of May.


Rhododendron - Dora Amateis

Zone 5 • Mature 3' tall x 3-4’ wide

A deep green variety with plentiful, white early- to mid-season flowers.


Rhododendron - English Roseum

Zone 4 • Mature 6-8' tall and wide

Rhododendron catawbiense - A dense variety with dark green leaves and soft rosy-lavender flowers with organge freckles in late spring. Tolerant of cold, heat and humidity. Prefers partial sun.


Rhododendron - Grandiflorum

Zone 5 • Mature 5-6’ tall x 6-7’ wide

Rhododendron catawbiense - A vigorous variety with deep green foliage and lilac-purple flowers bloom in spring. Blooms in shade.


Rhododendron - Ken Janek

Zone 5 • Mature 2-3' tall x 3-4' wide

Rhododendron yak. - A low, spreading variety with a thick cover of fawn indumentum on the lower leaf surface and wide, pale pink flowers edged in pink in mid-May.


Rhododendron - Landmark

Zone 5 • Mature 5-6' tall and wide

Foliage is mahogany-bronze in winter with nearly red flowers in early May.


Rhododendron - Minnetonka

Zone 5 • Mature 5-6' tall and wide

Rhododendron catawbiense - A rounded variety with deep green, tightly-packed, shiny foliage and light purple bloom starting around mid-May. Thrives in moist, well-drained soil and partial shade.


Rhododendron - Nova Zembla

Zone 5 • Mature 5' tall and wide

Rhododendron catawbiense - A dense-growing, small variety with large trusses of freckled red flowers in mid-spring. The Nova Zembla is very effective as an accent plant. A successful red hybrid for harsh climates.


Rhododendron - Olga Mezitt

Zone 4 • Mature 5-6' tall x 4-5’ wide

A vigorous, wide, upright variety with bright green foliage that turns a beautiful reddish color in autumn and clear, deep pink blossoms in early- to mid-May.


Rhododendron - PJM Elite

Zone 4 • Mature 4-5' tall x 3-4’ wide

A hardy variety with purple-plum foliage in winter and lavender-pink flowers in late April.


Rhododendron - Prince

Zone 5 • Mature 2-3' tall x 3-4' wide

Rhododendron yak. - A compact variety with heavy, dark pink flowers in mid-May.


Rhododendron - Princess

Zone 5 • Mature 2-3' tall x 4-5’ wide

Rhododendron yak. - A dense, compact variety with deep green foliage covered lightly with indumentum and apple-blossom pink flowers that fade to white in balls in mid-May.


Rhododendron - Purple Gem

Zone 5 • Mature 2-3’ ta;; x 3-4’ wide

A dense, compact, hardy variety with fine, small leaves and purple-blue flowers in early May.


Rhododendron - Purple Passion

Zone 4 • Mature 5-6' tall and wide

A dense, rounded, hardy variety with large, deep green foliage violet-purple flowers in big trusses in late May.


Rhododendron - Purpureum Elegans

Zone 4 • Mature 4-6' tall and wide

Rhododendron catawbiense - A quite loose, somewhat upright variety with matte green foliage and bright purple flowers with a small brown-yellow macula.

Rhododendron - Rosebay

Zone 5 • Mature 35-30’ tall x 8-14’ wide

Rhododendron maximum - Upright branches, covered with trusses of flowers in mid to late June. Tolerant of shade and demanding moist soil and cool temperatures but intolerant of most landscape stresses, including salt, drought, heat, soil compaction and winter sun/wind. Soil pH must be maintained at 4.5 to 5.5.


Rhododendron - Roseum

Zone 4 • Mature 8-12' tall and wide

Rhododendron maximum - Big, wide spreading, open branches with long, deep green, strap-like foliage and huge lavender-pink flowers in heads of up to 25 blooms in mid- to late-June, a full 4 to 5 weeks after the bloom of most smaller Rhododendron, that last into early July. Make sure soil is moist but well-drained.


Rhododendron - Roseum Elegans

Zone 4 • Mature 7-8’ tall and wide

Rhododendron catawbiense - A dependable, very hardy, vigorous, very floriferous, tight, dense, rounded yet spreading variety with flower buds that swell in early May and open in mid-May to huge trusses of big, lavender-pink blossoms. Thrives in partial sun and moist, well-drained soil.


Rhododendron - Scintillation

Zone 5 • Mature 5-6' tall x 6-7' wide

A dense, spreading variety with deep green, shiny foliage and large, soft pink bunches of flowers in mid-May.


Rhododendron - Towhead

Zone 5 • Mature 2-3' tall x 3-4’ wide

A dense, low, dwarf variety with bronze winter foliage and soft yellow flowers in late April.

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