About: Dwarf Lilacs

It sure would be a perfect world if we all had the room in our yard to enjoy one or many of the larger growing lilac varieties. Fortunately, for those whose space is limited, there are dwarf lilacs of unlimited beauty to fill smaller landscape spots with incredible grace. These selections are dense, rounded, and full with small, finer textured disease resistant foliage, and an urge to bloom unlike anything you've seen in larger types. The dwarf lilacs bloom long and profusely at a young age and are perfect for specimen or group plantings in landscapes small or large



At first you might not be able to distinguish between these and the vulgaris lilac types we know so well. The Hyacinthiflora varieties stand out due to their early bloom. They are the first to bloom and exhibit a strength and length of bloom that should have you on your feet with excitement. By early- to mid-May these selections are loaded with open blossoms, filling the air with superb scent, and providing the opening salvo of lilac bloom that, with some judicious planting of varieties, can last right through the end of June.


About: The Fairytale Series

Introduced by Bailey Nurseries, this group of lilacs represents a bold move to invigorate the area of dwarf Syringa. Through a series of crosses, a selection of exciting, superior plants that bloom vividly and dependably was born. Each possesses the best in foliage, flowering, fragrance, and form in a dense, manageable package that will revolutionize the small space market in lilac.


About: The Preston Series

There is no tougher, more tolerant group of lilacs than this series of hardy, easy care plants. Developed in Ottawa,  the Preston Series combines extreme hardiness, dense, full form, bigger, almost corrugated foliage, and an open, more loose looking flower form that blooms in late May into June. This rewarding group of plants not only resists some of the bacterial disease problems that can plague the vulgaris varieties, they also extend the bloom season with their later flower time, always a desirable trait.


About: Tree Lilacs

With all the outstanding forms of shrub lilacs that dazzle people in May, it's hard for people to remember there is an equally outstanding group of lilac trees that are perfect specimens for the northern landscape. These mid- to late-June bloomers put on an incredible show blooming at a time when few trees do giving them a nearly exclusive engagement to strut their stuff in the landscape. These plants are pros at strutting their stuff with huge flower panicles, great foliage, and outstanding bark. They are an underutilized and welcome addition to anyone's home!


About: Vulgaris and French Hybrid Lilacs

Even though there are a myriad of outstanding lilacs in cultivation, these varieties are the ones that seem to capture the hearts and imagination of gardeners and homeowners more than all others. Their single or double flowers are one of nature's treasures, bursting into bloom in mid-May with a selection of colors and a wave of sweet lilac scent that can weaken the knees of even the most hardened antgi-plant person. All these selections are perfect for the northern landscape with upright, multi-stem forms that work as a large foundation specimen or light up the border as an outstanding informal border grouping and great hardiness.


Hybrid - Monge French

Zone 3 • Mature 10-12' tall x 8-12’ wide

Syringa vulgaris 'Monge' - Single, reddish-purple flowers are held on long stems that lend themselves to cutting.

Lilac - Albert Holden French Hybrid

Zone 3 • Mature 6-7' tall x 7-8’ wide

Syringa vulgaris - Deep blooms on loosely-open, large panicles with a silvery blush on the reverse of the petals lending a bicolor effect. Resistant to powdery mildew.


Lilac - Beauty of Moscow

Zone 3 • Mature 10-12' tall x 8’ wide

Syringa vulgaris 'Krasavitsa Moskvy' - A vigorous, upright variety with abundant panicles of double, delicate pale pink flowers Resistant to Japanese beetles.

Lilac - Charles Joly French Hybrid

Zone 3 • Mature 10-12' tall x 8-10’wide

Syringa vulgaris - Small panicles of purple buds that open to double magenta flowers.


Lilac - Chinese

Zone 3 • Mature 8-12' tall x 8-10' wide

Syringa chinensis 'Saugeana' - A large, round-headed variety with profuse lilac purple, white or deeper purple flowers in early May.

Lilac - Common Purple

Zone 2 • Mature 12-15' tall x 8-12’ wide

Syringa vulgaris - Extremely fragrant, single purple flowers in May that cut well. Resistant to Japanese beetles.


Lilac - Common White

Zone 2 • Mature 12-15' tall x 8-12' wide

Syringa vulgaris alba - Single white flowers.


Lilac - Donald Wyman

Zone 2 • Mature 8-10' tall x 8-10'wide

Syringa x prestoniae - An extremely hardy and disease resistant variety with large pyramidal spikes of reddish purple flowers in early to mid-June.

Lilac - Dwarf Korean

Zone 3 • Mature 4-5' tall x 5-7’ wide

Syringa meyeri 'Palibin' - An dwarf, dense, rounded, spreading variety with small dark green foliage and reddish-purple buds that open to single, pale lilac flowers.


Lilac - Edith Cavell French

Zone 3 • Mature 8-12' tall x 8’ wide

Syringa vulgaris - An upright, tall, wide variety with large, dark, heart-shaped leaves and large, very fragrant clusters of double white flowers in mid-season.


Lilac - Ivory Silk Tree

Zone 3 • Mature 20-25' tall x 10-15’ wide

Syringa reticulata - A round, dense variety with long panicles of creamy-white flowers in June.


Lilac - James MacFarlane

Zone 2 • Mature 8' tall x 6-10’ wide

Syringa x prestoniae - An extremely hardy, adaptable, upright variety with true single pink flowers two weeks later than others.

Lilac - Ludwig Spaeth French Hybrid

Zone 3 • Mature 8-10' tall x 8' wide

Syringa vulgaris - An open branched, upright variety with heavily fragrant, reddish-to-dark purple single blooms in late spring.


Lilac - Maiden's Blush

Zone 3 • Mature 10-12' tall x 10-12' wide

Syringa hyacinthiflora - A profusely-flowering pink variety with a strong fragrance.


Lilac - Minuet

Zone 2 • Mature 5-7' tall x 4-6’ wide

Syringa prestoniae - A dense, dwarf variety with deep green foliage and light lavender flower spikes in late May.


Lilac - Miss Canada

Zone 3 • Mature 6-8' tall x 5-6' wide

Syringa prestoniae - A vigorous, extremely hardy variety with large, deep green foliage and bright pink blooms in early June.


Lilac - Miss Kim

Zone 3 • Mature 6-7’ tall x 5-6’ wide

Syringa patula - A hardy variety with large leaves that turn beautiful burgundy-red in autumn and deep purple buds that open to single, fragrant, pale lilac flowers when other lilacs have finished.


Lilac - Mme. Lemoine

Zone 3 • Mature 8-10' tall x 8' wide

Syringa vulgaris - A columnar variety with intensely-fragrant, very heavy, double white flowers that are good for cutting.


Lilac - Mount Baker

Zone 2 • Mature 10-12' tall x 10-12' wide

Syringa hyacinthiflora - A very hardy variety with profuse, single white blossoms.


Lilac - Pocahontas

Zone 3 • Mature 8-10' tall x 8-10' wide

Syringa hyacinthiflora - An extremely hardy, early-blooming variety with deep maroon-purple buds that open to fragrant, single, deep violet blooms 2 weeks before common lilacs. Full to partial sun.


Lilac - Primrose French Hybrid

Zone 3 • Mature 10-12' tall x 10-12’ wide

Syringa vulgaris 'Primrose' - A large, rounded variety with creamy yellow buds that open to single, cream-colored flowers.

Lilac - Sensation French Hybrid

Zone 3 • Mature 8-10' tall x 8-10' wide

Syringa vulgaris - Single purple florets with a distinctive white border.


Lilac - Tinkerbelle

Zone 3 • Mature 5-6' tall x 3-4' wide

Syringa Bailbelle - A small, dense, carefree with small, medium green, tightly packed foliage and small towers of deep, wine-red buds in early May that open to striking deep pink bloom creating a bi-color effect. Full sun or partial shade.


Lilac - Wedgewood Blue French Hybrid

Zone 3 • Mature 6' tall x 6-8' wide

Syringa vulgaris - Lilac pink buds and large beautiful single, true blue flowers. Powdery mildew resistant.


Lilac - Wonderblue French Hybrid

Zone 3 • Mature 4-5' tall x 5-6' wide

Syringa vulgaris - A compact variety with single sky-blue flowers.


Lilac - Yankee Doodle French Hybrid

Zone 3 • Mature 8' tall x 8’ wide

Syringa vulgaris - An upright variety with large clusters of rich, dark, deep purple, strongly fragrant single flowers. Rarely or never fed on by Japanese Beetles.

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