Arborvitae - Fire Chief Globe

Zone 5-8 • Mature 2' high x 4' wide

Thuja occidentalis 'Congabe' - A globe-forming variety with fine, bright gold foliage that matures to deep red in Autumn.

Arborvitae - Golden Tuffet

Zone 3 • Mature 3' high x 3' wide

Thuja occidentalis - A hardy, slow-growing, dense, rounded plant with vertical sprays of tight, green, lacy foliage that bronzes in winter. It stays small enough and grows slowly enough to be useful even in little gardens. Durable and adaptable to many conditions.


Arborvitae - Hetz Midget

Zone 3 • Mature 4' high x 5' wide

Thuja occidentalis - A hardy, slow-growing variety that forms a dense rounded plant with vertical sprays of tight, green lacy foliage that bronzes in winter. Durable and adaptable to many conditions.


Cedar - Heatherbun Atlantic White

Zone 4 • Mature 8' high x 5' wide

Chamaecyparis thyroids - A dense, compact variety with fine feathery foliage that is heather green in summer that turns plum in winter. Responds well to regular shearing and thrives in wet sites, with poor drainage.


False Cypress - Autumn Glory Hinoki

Zone 4-8 • Mature 5' high x 5' wide

Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Pygmaea Auresens’ - A healthy, hardy, sturdy and reliable variety. Young plants resemble open nests and spread as branches reach out in all directions with bronze-green that changes to copper in autumn.


False Cypress - Baldwin Variegated Hinoki

Zone 5 • Mature 8' high x 3' wide

Chamaecyparis obtusa - A small, slow-growing tree with thick, cupped sprays of creamy-white and green foliage. Grow in moist, well-drained soil with protection from harsh afternoon sun.


False Cypress - Butter Ball Hinoki

Zone 5 • Mature 18' high x 18' wide

Chamaecyparis obtusa - A consistently-rounded, very slow variety with dark inner foliage with bright, lemon yellow tips on tightly congested foliage.  Prefers moist, well-drained soil.


False Cypress - Gnome Hinoki

Zone 5 • Mature 1' high x 1' wide

Chamaecyparis obtusa - An extremely slow-growing variety with rich green foliage in dense fans.


False Cypress - Just Dandy Hinoki

Zone 5 • Mature 1.5' high x 2' wide

Chamaecyparis obtusa - A low, rounded, spreading variety with compact sprays of dense, finely-textured foliage.


False Cypress - Maureen Hinoki

Zone 5 • Mature 2' high x 1.5' wide

Chamaecyparis obtusa - A compact, lacy green mound with rich green foliage that remains low and spreads to be much wider than tall. Depending on local climate, full sun to partial afternoon shade.


False Cypress - Sunny Swirl Hinoki

Zone 5 • Mature 6' high x 3' wide

Chamaecyparis obtusa - A narrow, upright, golden variety with stiff, contorted mahogany red branches and twisting, thread-like foliage that varies from yellow to gold to chartreuse toward the interior. Tiny cockscombs occasionally develop at the tips.


False Cypress - True Dwarf Hinoki

Zone 5 • Mature 6' high x 4' wide

Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Nana’ - A reliable, slow-growing variety with tightly-cupped fans of dark green, highly-congested foliage forming a dense mound.

False Cypress - Tsatsumi Hinoki

Zone 5 • Mature 12' high x 8' wide

Chamaecyparis obtusa - A compact variety with narrow, threadlike foliage on twisted, curled, mahogany-colored branches. Rounded when young, then more height and texture with age.


False Cypress - Tsukumo Sawara

Zone 4 • Mature 1.5' high x 1.5' wide

Chamaecyparis pisifera - A hardy, resiliant, slow-growing, tight, rounded variety, wider than it is tall, with dense, finely-textured, green foliage and occasional feathery plumes. Tough and resilient.

False Cyrpress - Golden Sprite Hinoki

Zone 5 • Mature 1' high x 2' wide

Chamaecyparis obtusa - A very slow-growing true miniature forms a tight, somewhat irregular dome of tiny foliage in fans develop with bright yellow tips. Foliage is brighter ion sunnier positions, but some shade may be preferred in hotter climates. Prefers moist, well drained soil.

Fir - Dwarf Korean Golden

Zone 4 • Mature 1.5' high x 2' wide

Abies koreana 'Cis' - A flattened, spherical variety with brown buds at branch tips and dark green needles that lay flat on their stems.


Fir - Dwarf Veitch

Zone 3-6 • Mature 4' high x 6' wide

Abies veitchii ‘Heddergott’- A low growing, rounded, spreading plant with glossy green needles with bright white undersides reminiscent of winter frost in summer.

Fir - Piccolo Dwarf Balsam

Zone 3-6 • Mature 2' high x 3' wide

Abies balsam - A dense, very dwarf globe with tiny, uniform, dark green needles that radiate around the many short branches and prominent brown buds.


Fir - Starker’s Korean Dwarf

Zone 4 • Mature 2' high x 3' wide

Abies koreana - A mounding, broadly pyramidal variety when mature that starts from a nest form when young with wide, blunt-tipped needles with white undersides. Protect from hot, direct afternoon sun.

Juniper - Blue Star

Zone 4 • Mature 3' tall x 4' wide

Juniperus squamata - A slow-growing, dense, spreading, mounded variety. Full sun.

Juniper - Gold Strike Creeping

Zone 3 • Mature 6' high x 4' wide

Juniperus horizontals - A low, somewhat mounding, spreading variety with bright new growth over chartreuse interior foliage that gradually turns coral in autumn. Performs best in moist, well-drained soil and protected from scorching sun.


Juniper - Golden Carpet Creeping

Zone 3 • Mature 1' high - 10' wide

Juniperus horizontalis - Dense, golden foliage in long streamers of new growth that appear to float over the body of the plant and turns mauves in winter with  and creep beyond the edges. Does well in full sun.

Juniper - Japanese Garden

Zone 4-9 • Mature 1' high x 6' wide

Juniperus procumbens 'Nana' - A dwarf variety with spiny-pointed blue-green needles that can mature to purple in Winter.


Juniper - Mother Lode Creeping

Zone 3 • Mature .5' high x 10' wide

Juniperus horizontails - An extremely flat variety with golden yellow foliage in spring and summer that turns a rich, burgundy plum in winter. Enjoys full or partial sun.


Larch - Japanese Dwarf

Zone 3 • Mature 4' high x 8' wide

Larix kaempferi ‘Wolterdingen’ - A compact, spreading variety with soft blue-green new foliage in early spring that changes to yellow then fall in autumn to reveal red-brown branches.

Maidenhair Tree - Mariken

Zone 3-8 • Mature 3' high x 8' wide

Ginkgo biloba - A dwarf, slow-growing, compact, bushy variety with fan-shaped green leaves that turn bright yellow in autumn.


Pine - Contorted Jack

Zone 2 • Mature 5' high x 6' wide

Pinus bansiarna ‘Uncle Fody’ - An extremely hardy and adaptable variety that bends and curves and produces winter buds. Tolerates heat, cold and dry, sandy or poor soils.


Pine - Fukuzumi Japanese White

Zone 5 • Mature 6' high x 12' wide

Pinus partiflora - A slow-growing but wide-spreading, irregularly-formed variety with multiple leaders extending at 45 angels and short, blue-green, twisted needles. Stake up for tree-like character.


Pine - Hillside Creeper Scots

Zone 4 • Mature 2’ tall x 8’ wide

Pinus sylvestris - A vigorous, hardy conifer that spreads to form flat layers branches covered with thick, green needles that are lighter in winter.  and makes an excellent ground covering option for banks or walls or tucked in and around boulders.


Pine - Schoodic Dwarf Jack

Zone 2 • Mature 3-5” a year

Pinus banksiarna - Adense, low-growing, ground-hugging variety native of the Schoodic Peninsula in Maine with short, emerald green needles. Extremely hardy and adaptable, tolerating, heat as well as old, dry, sandy or poor soils.


Pine - Slowmound Mugo

Zone 2 • Mature 3-6" a year

Pinus mugo - A dense, dark green, true dwarf variety with highly reliable color, texture, growth rate and habit that produces many buds and matures to a wide, even shape.


Pine - Teeny Mugo

Zone 2 • Mature 3-5” a year

Pins mugo - An extremely slow-growing variety with tiny, uniform, straight, rich green needles held radially from the center on each of many, short, well-clothed branches.


Pine - White Bud Mugo

Zone 2 • Mature 3-5” a year

Pinus mugo - A reliable, low, compact, globe-shaped variety green foliage and a white resinous coating to each terminal bud in cold weather.

Spruce - Alberta White Carved

Zone 3-6 • Mature 13' high x 10' wide

Picea glauca 'Conica' - A dense, cone-shaped, semi-dwarf to dwarf shrub form with soft bright green, aromatic foliage that is often shaped into topiary.

Spruce - Dwarf Siberian

Zone 4-7 • Mature 8' high x 8' wide

Picea omorika 'Nana' - A dense, globe-shaped, mounding variety with glossy, blue-white tinged needles and small cones.


Spruce - Elf Miniature White

Zone 4 • Mature less than 1”

Picea glauca - An extremely slow-growing variety in a dense globe of short, thin, green needles.


Spruce - Jean’s Dilly Dwarf Alberta White

Zone 4 • Mature 2-4" a year

Picea glauca - A small, dense, slow-growing variety with short, fine needles with a distinctive twist during the growing season.


Spruce - Jessy’s Miniature Norway

Zone 3 • Mature 1-2” a year

Picea abies - Abundant, tiny buds on short, sharp, medium-green needles covering many mini-branches that grow less than an inch per year. Full sun and well-drained soil.


Spruce - Lanham’s Beehive Norway

Zone 3 • Mature 3-5” a year

Picea abies - Cinnamon-colored stems and buds with long, thick needles.


Spruce - Montgomery Dwarf Colorado Blue

Zone 2 • Mature 3-6" a year

Picea pungens - A true dwarf forming a globe when young that becomes a broad cone when mature. Hardy in the coldest climates. Maintains bright blue color best in full sun.


Spruce - Papoose Dwarf Sitka

Zone 4 • Mature 3-6" a year

Picea sitchensis - A slow-growing, dense, globose variety when young that produces a leader with age and becomes tight, upright and broad with sharp, two-toned, blue-green needles and in late spring clusters of buds that open at the branch tips to form blossom-like bursts of foliage. Considered deer resistant.


Spruce - Parson's Dwarf Norway

Zone 3 • Mature 6-8” a year

Picea abies ‘Gregoryana Parsonsii’ - An irregular, dwarf, alpine variety with long, flat, thick green needles, tan stems and bright brown buds. Grow in full sun.


Spruce - Pixie Dust Dwarf Alberta White

Zone 4 • Mature 1-2” a year

Picea glauca - An extremely dense, compact and slow-growing variety with a second flush of yellow-tipped growth in summer that ages to deep green. Provide ample moisture and full sun for the best color.


Spruce - Pusch Dwarf Norway

Zone 3 • Mature 3-5” a year

Picea abies - A small, slow-growing variety that is globose when you and develops to be upright and broad with abundant tiny, bright red cones on many short shoots in spring that brown with age and remain year-round. Extremely hardy and grows well in full sun or part shade.


Spruce - Sharp Leaf Dwarf Norway

Zone 4 • Mature 3-6" a year

Picea abies‘Mucronata’- A dark green, compact irregularly-mounding variety with thick, stiff shoots and large, brown buds that grows slowly when young but more quickly with age as it develops leaders with several sub-leaders in time.

Spruce - Thumbelina Norway

Zone 3 • Mature less than 1”

Picea abies - An extremely dense, tiny, globose variety with tight, sharp, short needles and prominent brown buds.


Spruce - Tiger Tail

Zone 5 • Mature 6-10” a year

Picea bicolor (alcoquiana) ‘Howell’s Dwarf’- A bright bicolor variety with silver-blue undersides and green tops with a yellow tint to the most exposed surfaces and purple-red cones develop at an early age. Maintain flat form by removing upward shoots.

Spruce - Tom Thumb Oriental

Zone 4-8 • Mature 5' high x 5' wide

Picea orientalis - A compact, very slow-growing, nest-shaped variety with bright needles that emerge yellow in Spring and mature to gold and remain throughout the Winter.


Spruce - Tompa Dwarf Norway

Zone 3 • Mature 2-4" a year

Picea abies - A slow-growing, compact, conical variety with fresh green needles.


Willow - Boyd’s

Zone 4 • Mature 1-2” a year

Salix boydii - A small, slow-growing, naturally-occurring hybrid deciduous shrub with an erect habit and rounded, silvery-gray leaves on gnarled branches for older trees. Said to be tolerant to deer, drought, pollution and salt.
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