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We're so pleased with our new in-house design service we want to share the news with you.

As you'd expect, we take the time to talk to you about what you want and how you want to achieve it, including walking with you through our grounds to show you the plants we have in mind if you like. We then hand-draw you a plan and a provide a cost estimate for the job. We're getting ready for Spring - aren't you?

Meet Jason

Jason White is our full-time in-house landscape designer here at Plants Unlimited.

Jason says:

"I am originally from New Hampshire and began working in the landscaping field for Berry's Landscaping. I ended up here in Maine because my Horticulture Teacher in High School was a Graduate of the University of Maine in Orono. I looked up to him and always enjoyed working and being outside and decided to follow his footsteps. I graduated from the University of Maine in 2005 with a degree in Landscape Horticulture Design.

"I worked an internship and later worked for The Brickman Group in Connecticut as a Commercial Landscape Supervisor. I decided I wanted to return to Maine and worked for Gnome Landscaping as a Residential Landscape Supervisor where I was able to put some focus into Designing.

"I took a break from the landscaping industry and worked as a Produce Manager with Hannaford. In the meantime I continued to do small design and installations. I have gratefully accepted the opportunity here at Plants Unlimited to assist with both Consultation and Design needs that you may have for your property. I look forward to helping you out."


Initial consultations (including site visit) - $100 (we may need to ask for a mileage charge if you live more than 15 miles away)

Further work (consultation, drafting plans, etc) - $25/hour as needed

Please call to arrange an appointment.

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