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Who we are, what we do


Coco, Dede, James and Sue keep our greenhouses and outdoor displays bursting with beautiful blooms, gorgeous container arrangements, lush vegetables and sumptuous hanging baskets. You want color? We've got it.

Back office

Behind the scenes, Becky and Eve do the bookkeeping and payroll, run the website and work with the computer system, keep track of customer accounts and payments, and they track wholesale orders. Get in touch with any questions you may have, and we'll be happy to help.

Eve's favorite plant is the Cinco de Mayo rose.

Deliveries and more

Rolf spends a lot of time on the road bringing plants to gardens all over Maine.


Ellen has been living here at Plants Unlimited for 12 years now, and the place just wouldn't be the same without her. She just loves meeting and greeting customers, and she always has a friendly chirp for the staff first thing in the morning. She was a rescue kitty, and we're all so glad she found us.

In the shop

Ellen, Suzanne, Cody and the rest of our crew will be happy to show you around, answer your questions, order any garden tools, gloves, treatments, containers or ornaments you may want and generally help make your visit here a happy one.

Suzanne's favorite plants are the ferns.

Landscape Design & Consultation

Jason is here to help make the most of your space. As a trained landscape designer with a degree from the University of Maine, he can talk over what you need, what you want and what we can do to help you make it happen with site visits, designs and advice. Click for info and rates.

Jason's favorite indoor plant is the Jade plant. Outdoors he really likes the Sargent Cherry (but he likes the PJM rhododendron even more...).


Sean, Kevin and Ian look after all our lovely trees and have a vast breadth and depth of knowledge to share. In containers or ball and burlap, they can help you find the perfect fit species and size for your garden. They also work with our landscaping and wholesale clients to help them fulfill their briefs - no order is too small, or too big.

Our crew

Kevin, Brandon and the rest of our guys are here to help you load up the heavy stuff. They also work behind the scenes around our site keeping trees and deliveries organized, keeping plants well watered and gathering orders for our wholesale clients.


Jamie has years of experience to share and help you choose from among thousands of plants. Tell her about the conditions in your garden, and she'll help you find plans that will thrive beautifully year after year.

Jamie's favorite plants are peonies. She just loves the Sarah Bernhardt (good thing we have them in stock....).

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