Top tips and FAQs

Top tips and frequently asked questions

  1. Can I lift it?
  2. Can you recommend deer-resistant plants (grrrrrr)?
  3. Can you recommend plants for a shady spot?
  4. Can you recommend plants for a wet spot?
  5. Cut-and-come-again salads
  6. Eat your blossoms
  7. Get composting
  8. Give your houseplants a vacation
  9. Gosh it's hot!
  10. Got aphids?
  11. Growing low-maintenance moss
  12. How can I help protect pollinators?
  13. How do I force bulbs?
  14. How do I treat black spot?
  15. How do I treat gray mold (Botrytis)?
  16. How do I treat powdery mildew?
  17. How many plants do I need?
  18. Is that a guy in a tree disguise at the top of this page?
  19. Perk up your plants
  20. Pollination and seed saving - Hybrids vs heirlooms
  21. Removing salt deposits from clay pots
  22. Understanding fruit tree pollination
  23. Understanding plant hardiness zones
  24. Understanding tomato types - Determinate vs Indeterminate
  25. Understanding winterberry pollination
  26. Water right
  27. Welcoming hummingbirds to your garden
  28. What flowers are best for cutting?
  29. What flowers are best for drying?
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